Healthmed medical software for clinics and hospitals is a patient-centric solution, capable of coordinating the delivery of multiple healthcare services. Our easy clinic and hospital software helps achieve revenue enhancement, cost containment and excellent patient care, assisting healthcare institutions to rapidly move their enterprise towards a niche patient care environment – all without compromising on International Standards. Several successful installations, including some of the large corporate hospitals, teaching hospitals and government-owned hospitals are testimonial to the expertise and experience that is encompassed by the Healthmed Solution.

Technical Architecture

  • Healthmed is developed using event driven programming on the MEAN technology stack on a Linux operating system. Option to switch MongoDB with Relational DB is also available
  • Healthmed is compliant with latest web development standards with rich User Interface that gives uniform Look and Feel across multitude of devices.
  • Application layer is connected to the DB layer through ORM based persistence that allows to switch database to Oracle /MYSQL /MariaDB / PostGress SQL etc.
  • Jasper based reporting framework helps to have preconfigured reports and dashboards that can be easily customized for specific needs.
  • Secure interface with external operational / Financial and Clinical systems through Merth interface engine.
  • Healthmed can run on a standard Intel based platform in a standalone / hosted mode / cloud and is extensible to integrate with Healthcare IOT devices.

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Developed by practicing pharmacists and physicians, our electronic health records software is designed with medical professionals in mind – we believe the software should adapt to the doctor, not vice versa. ...Users can access our EHR system on any type of device or operating system so medical records and other valuable information can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. Our EHR system enables multiple clinicians to simultaneously review patient information in real-time, allowing informed medical decision making to occur quicker than ever before. read more

Team Healthmed

  • Healthmed truly understands the problems of healthcare people and has built usable solutions to help them solve their everyday problems.

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